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When buying koi food, Koi food shop professionals take into account the quality and composition, which is particularly important in the Koi diet

Koi food under the brand name Koi Elements was developed by SUI JIN Pond Products in collaboration with leading scientists. The koi food Koi Elements was made with immune-dampening beta-D-glucans and ensures a stable immune system in koi. SUI JIN pond products have very high quality requirements for koi food and the koi diet in order to achieve standards that only pollute the water minimally. You can purchase SUI JIN fish food directly from the Koi food shop or specialist shops .

Koi food shop

Koi food shop SUI JIN pond products

Our feed types are optimally tailored to the needs of the animals and adapted to the seasons. This is a very important aspect for professionals when they buy koi food . In our online shop you can buy SUI JIN koi food online . Of course, we also carry out feed tests in our house. Here we check how water-stable and how high the usability of the feed is. You think you can make a koi food yourself because it is cheap to produce? Far from it, because this not only requires complete production systems, but also the knowledge of how to effectively use the feed without polluting the pond filter and the water.

SUI JIN has made it its business to offer you a range of koi food that the koi can use in the best possible way.

Our koi and pond fish food is made in Germany and some are also manufactured exclusively for us. Buying koi food is a matter of trust.

Koi food must be selected and developed with regard to the climatic conditions and temperatures in Europe.

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We have chosen the feed compositions so that they are optimally adapted to the climatic conditions in Europe and can be used by the digestive system of the Koi without increased water pollution.

We offer you a large selection of high quality fish feed for every requirement and budget.
Would you like more information about our feed? Take a look at the individual types of food in our online shop.

The digestive system of the Koi is not only influenced by the pure activity, but is also strongly temperature-dependent.
During the winter rest, digestion also rests; with increasing temperatures, both appetite and the efficiency of metabolism gradually increase. Individual feed components can only be used at higher temperatures.

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Koi food in premium quality of SUI JIN

For the production in Germany, SUI JIN uses the feed mills that specialize in fish feed.

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Some of our feeds are produced exclusively for us and are unique due to their special composition.
In cooperation with the feed specialists, feed is developed and produced exclusively for SUI JIN in Edewecht.
The basis for this are standards such as the absence of preservatives and the use of raw materials that meet the food standard.

This is how our food in the Koi Elements line was created.

Koi Elements stands for Koi food without preservatives in a very high quality composition. The feed corresponds to the spectrum and philosophy of healthy koi nutrition. Would you like to find out more about the Koi Elements food line? Please visit our website www.koi-elements.de
Quality is our top priority and is reflected in the usability of our koi food.
We only sell types of food that are individually tailored to the temperature and living conditions of the Koi after a trial period. SUI JIN feed is freshly produced several times a year, so we keep the quality of our koi nutrition very high.
You have the option of cheap koi food in ourBuy koi food online or pick it up on site in Edewecht (near Oldenburg)

The health of the Koi is directly reflected in the food used. Therefore pond sticks are completely unsuitable for Koi feeding.
Why? Compare the volume of 1L pond sticks with 1L koi food. Even a koi cannot live properly from air.
A balanced diet and usability automatically lead to good koi growth and vitality of the animals.

Try us and we are sure you will become a regular customer of SUI JIN.

Buying koi feed cheaply is a matter of trust, because honest declarations are a basic requirement to assert oneself on the feed market.

We are regularly checked on site by the Food Office and Consumer Protection. Samples are taken and examined in the laboratory. The declarations are compared, batch numbers and shelf life are checked. The traceability of the feed must be fully documented.

This also guarantees quality, this is what SUI JIN stands for

A good koi food can never be offered at the same price as pond sticks, quality is the difference but SUI JIN koi food is cheap!

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How good or how bad is a koi food test?

This question is difficult to answer because in the end one would have to ask how independent is the site. You have the opportunity to test a food yourself. Take an empty water glass and fill it up to 20% with the fish food of your choice. Then fill the glass for the koi food test with water. What do you see immediately after filling with water? Does the water turn brown within 30 seconds? Then you should think again about whether it is the right choice! Wait another 15 minutes, does the food disintegrate in the glass? That would then also happen in your pond and is certainly not wanted! A naturally superficial koi food test is that easy.

SUI JIN also offers you natural Koi snacks.

Silkworms, mealworms, shrimps, river fleas (Gammarus), crickets, grasshoppers or even our legendary Koi biscuits are an experience for young and old when fed by hand.
This natural food enables your Koi to eat close to nature.
Especially in the summer months you will find that your animals love these delicacies.

These additional types of food should only be fed at appropriate temperatures in order to ensure digestibility.

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